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Nardwuar vs Yung Lean - Vancouver, Canada

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trxplxrd asked: you outta rehab ?




I been outta rehab. My life was no joke. My drug use lead to me suffering from seizures and having other sicknesses that Pimp C was diagnosed with prior to his death. I’m only talking bout this on tumblr cuz y’all got a little bit more common sense than twitter. My tolerance by the time I checked in was 8 xanax bars just to let that high kick in. My idea of enjoying life had people thinking I was trying to take away my own life. None of them drugs no joke. In rehab I started getting knowledge of self and realizing that I am a god, and as a god nothing should have control over them whether it’s lust drugs money or any vice.

Also lead me to see how basic as fuck this generation is with no sense of personal identity. Everyone wears codeine themed clothing, wears gucci goggles, flexes cheap lean( i know you not sippin no act), and wears gold teeth. Y’all mothafuckas look like y’all got no class I can’t believe y’all go to y’all momma crib dressed like that b. I also realized everybody wanna be a trapper or a street nigga now and display ignorance. What happened to being a smart gangsta or just being smart in general.

I been clean since June 26th though even stopped smoking newports. I’m trying my hardest to avoid festivals, video shoots, club walk-throughs or anything that’s going to make me hate the human race more than i do. I’,m addicted to the money though fasho.

Deleting this in a few cuz I’m not here to kick knowledge just get dollas.

The second paragraph tho

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